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Pronounced "na-MA-stay", the company name embodies the spirit and aims of the company's mission and values. The word itself comes from Nepal (and India) and means simply "Hello, welcome". Whilst it is used as a greeting it also has a deeper and more profound meaning: "The spirit within me salutes the spirit within you". It is this that inspires some of the thinking behind Namaste.

Whats important to Namaste?

- Practice what you preach
- Work hard, play harder
- Honesty, integrity, courtesy
- Dedication to the client
- Teamwork & knowledge share
- Continuous improvement
- Cross-cultural understanding
- Individual merit & achievement
- Sharing success between stakeholders
- Making a difference

About Namaste

Whilst originally conceived as an idea in 1992, Namaste was formally incorporated in 1998 by Chris Charlton, the company’s founder and managing director. It is his goal to gradually create a company in the long-term that has the capability to make a real and positive difference to people in both their professional and personal lives.

Since conception, Namaste has accumulated an extraordinary body of knowledge in its chosen fields of expertise: Management and Adventure. Working with a wide variety of clients in many different parts of the world, this knowledge and experience base has been put to the test time and again in both fields with an outstanding track record of success. Whether it has been leading a large and complex project for a multinational business client, or organizing an expedition for small groups of individuals to far flung corners of the globe, Namaste continues to deliver. Based on this track record, having the peace of mind that the job will get done is one of the major benefits to Namaste’s clients.

Go to the Namaste Shop where you can gain direct access today to some of this accumulated knowledge and experience. Read about the latest Namaste News or alternatively subscribe to Namaste News so that you can be the first to gain access to new material as it becomes available.

To date, Namaste clients include private individuals and groups, as well as managers and directors of international corporations, from a multiplicity of companies, organisations and public bodies worldwide. By aligning its objectives with those of its clients, Namaste develops positive, lasting relationships built upon foundations of mutual trust and confidence. Part of this stems from the fact that Namaste will always maintain the confidentiality of its clients, whether these be individuals or organisations. As a result, clients may choose to engage Namaste in both a professional and personal capacity, depending upon what they want to achieve.

Currently, Namaste is a small team, driven largely by the work of its founder. The business model has been specifically designed to allow flexibility in operation, truly global capability and scalability depending upon client need. For example, on major assignments, Namaste may sub-contract work directly to its network of accredited associate companies and individuals with the appropriate skill-set for the job in hand. Alternatively, Namaste may help a client find an appropriate resource or supplier to deliver a specific project. The spirit of teamwork, partnership and alliance is fundamental to Namaste.

Over time, Namaste will expand to meet the growing demand for its business, but also to fulfill a long-term goal to apply its knowledge and experience base to benefit individuals, groups and projects in the developing world. By bringing together people, organisations and ideas from around the world, it is possible to make a real difference.

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Chris Charlton
MA(Cantab), MSI(Dip), ACMA, MinstD, PMP

Namaste's founder and managing director is a recognised expert in professional project & programme management involving people from over 30 different nations…

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and an experienced adventurer…

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