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Paul, from Bristol, England, December 2004: "Thanks for a great week. Country, scenery, activities etc all superb - your company priceless, thanks…"

Brandon, from Panama City, November 2004: "In the small time I was able to spend with Chris, he definitely made me think. Life was meant to be experienced throughout all ages of one's life… There is only a small window in your life when one can just go for it and worry about things after the fact. I'm sure I'm like every one else out there, dying to join Chris for every single adventure, large or small.…"

Maud, from London, England, October 2004: "Thanks again for everything; did have a great time…"

Katy, from Colorado, USA, September 2004:“It was the experience of a lifetime!

Travelling by car was definitely much more real than by plane or even bus. It allows you the freedom to chart your own course and stop whenever and wherever your heart or head guides you.

You rock Chris for being able to do what you are doing.  Thanks again for sharing the expedition with me. I will never forget my adventure with you.

Namaste Fun

Thinking about your next adventure? Or a holiday with a difference? Then why not join Namaste for an adventure of a lifetime

Catering to the independent traveller, Namaste Fun helps its clients organise exciting trips to all corners of the globe in search of fun and adventure. This is no ordinary organised expedition or overland travel company, however, as each trip is uniquely tailored to your requirements. You have the opportunity to design your own adventure in conjunction with your guide, where you gain the benefit of extensive adventure travel experience. Check out some past Namaste adventures.

Go to the Namaste Global Expedition to check out how you can be a part of Namaste's most exciting adventure yet. Or read one of the Namaste Newsletters to see pictures and stories of adventurers on expedition. And Click Here to find out how you can join the expedition for an adventure of a lifetime, a chance to do and see things out of the ordinary; a chance to make a positive difference to the lives of others, and an experience you'll never forget. The world, and its people, are amazing – come and see it for yourself...

Namaste Productions is also producing a range of exciting new DVD's of adventures organised by Namaste Fun. Keep an eye on the shop page or subscribe to Namaste News to get a monthly update direct to your inbox.

Within the constraints of your time and budget, Namaste Fun can organise just about anything, anywhere in the world. What do you want to do?

Explore the mountains of Patagonia, sleep under the stars in the Sahara, night diving to lost wrecks in the South China Sea? Or finding the best party in town? Namaste Fun is all about helping its clients do just that – individually-tailored travel with the know-how to make it happen.

And making a difference along the way…

Namaste Fun, true to the spirit of the company, is not just about fun and adventure. It is also about adding something back to the local communities being visited. This may mean a contribution to a local community development project, raising awareness of local conservation issues, even a day out of your holiday to lend a helping hand.

Wherever possible, Namaste Fun also uses local people and companies to help organise your adventure in whichever country or countries you wish to explore.

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For more information on any Namaste product or service, please complete our online enquiry form.

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Heidi, from the Yukon, Canada, October 2004: "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet all the wonderfully inspiring people along the way [from Guatemala City to San Jose, Costa Rica], the chance to see places I had so far only dreamt of, and the experience I’ve so longed for. Namaste… P.S. See you again in Africa…"

Raul, from Mexico, September 2004: "Thank you for an amazing way to see my country"

Tami, from Iowa, USA, July 2004: "I just spent the most amazing week on expedition with Chris. He is without doubt the most travelled person I have ever met. In particular, thank you for giving me the chance to go horse-riding in the mountains of Yellowstone National Park, with amazing views and 2,000 feet cliffs just inches away....what a rush! Let’s do it again soon... In fact, I plan to join the trip again, hopefully horse-riding in Nepal..."

Nazzy, from BC, Canada: July 2004: "Much thanks Chris... Your journey inspires me. Live well..."

Dianne, from Golden, BC, Canada, June 2004: "Remarkable - that about sums it up! Come fly with us again..."

Keitha, from Halifax, Canada, April 2004: "Thanks for a great story and a wonderful week"

Tyler, from Britt, Canada, April 2004: "In Chris we found a person who was truly a citizen of the world and a person of great understanding and we spent numerous hours talking about the world and telling stories about our adventures and experiences. Chris's stopover in Britt was certainly a great experience and I still regularly follow his adventures through the Namaste News and I contact him when I can…"


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