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Namaste Management

Namaste Management is dedicated to helping you achieve your professional objectives through a partnership based upon foundations of mutual trust and confidence and a focus on the core asset to any organization – it’s people.

Go to Projects to see how Namaste Management can be part of your team to deliver your next project, or perhaps turnaround an existing one. Tasked with leading projects for its clients, from both the private and public sectors, Namaste Management has an outstanding track record in delivering successful projects. These range from small, focused projects to large, complex, multi-project programmes spanning many disciplines and countries.

In addition to getting the job done professionally, Namaste Management clients also benefit longer-term through the transfer of project management skills and expertise to client staff. Take a look at the Projects Case Studies to see some examples of client projects delivered successfully by a Namaste Management expert.

Go to Training to see how Namaste Management can help you develop your people, both as individuals and as a team. Ranging from one-to-one coaching to one-day seminars and workshops to tailor-made leadership, (project) management and team-building courses, Namaste Management can make a real and positive difference to your individual and team performance.

And while you are here, why not check out some of the material available in the Namaste Shop. Read about the latest Namaste News or alternatively subscribe to Namaste News to be the first to benefit from the next available Namaste Management Guide.

Go to Consulting to see how Namaste can add a fresh and independent perspective to your business and work with you to design an approach or strategy to secure successful delivery of your goals. Frank, open and pragmatic advice is assured; professional team facilitation is guaranteed, and access to the Namaste Management knowledge and experience base comes as standard. Review the Consulting Case Studies to see examples of the benefits that some of Namaste’s clients have obtained from working together.

The core services offered by Namaste Management can be individually tailored to your specific needs, or combined into a package. Go to Contact Us to get in touch.

For more information on any Namaste product or service, please complete our online enquiry form.

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Consulting Case Studies [PDF]
Projects Case Studies [PDF]
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Training Case Studies [PDF]

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