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Namaste Global Expedition

Welcome to the Namaste Global Expedition!

On 5 April 2004, Chris Charlton began the Namaste Global Expedition which is a 3-4 year, 200,000km adventure that will traverse all seven continents, 5 of which is overland in a state of the art customised Land Rover Defender 110. Travelling through over 110 countries, the expedition will encompass an amazing range of cultures, landscapes and challenges, one of which is to climb the highest mountain in each continent.

The expedition also aims to raise awareness of a number of local & international development issues through direct community interaction whilst on expedition and through all expedition media, including Namaste Newsletters, newspaper & magazine articles, books and film. Where possible, the expedition will also be supporting and assisting a number of projects and fieldwork studies focused on environmental protection and conservation

"For those of you seeking to see the world in all its glory, experience its people AND have the most incredible time doing so, this expedition is the way to go. For those of you who scratch your heads and wonder why Chris Charlton has embarked on such an adventure, you simply need to join to find out!... and then you’ll understand..." Heidi Bliedung, from Canada, 27/10/2004

Namaste Fun can provide individually tailored adventure travel holidays for individuals and groups (of up to 3 people) in any country on the expedition route. With the expedition leader as your expert guide and travel partner, you decide where you want to go and what you want to do. If you like outdoor sports, adventure and the opportunity to make a difference to local communities, then joining the expedition is right for you.

For example, you could be trekking, paragliding & horse-riding in the North American Rocky Mountains; scuba-diving in the Caribbean and the Galapagos Islands; climbing Ecuadorian Volcanoes; experiencing overland safari in Africa; sailing across the Indonesian Archipelago; or mountain-biking in the Tien Shan mountains of Kazakhstan. You could even join the expedition party on one or more of the 7 summits.

Whether you join the expedition for a weekend, a week or two on holiday, or for a longer duration, it is up to you (subject to availability). Register your interest in a particular country, region or time period now and we'll work out the details in the final 3 months running up to you joining the expedition. Don’t miss out, this is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Click the locations on the map to find out more:

north america central & south america antarctica africa europe & middle east asia australasia

Please Note: the Antartica leg of the expedition has been postponed.

Click Here to download the Africa Expedition plan.

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Jo Shaw, July 2005: “…Every dawn brought a new adventure and every night Chris seemed to manage to find a more spectacular campsite than the last - even if we sometimes arrived in the dark only to understand the true glory of our location in the morning light… Myriad delights would appear from the neatly packed Landie to provide a perfect bush home… To join the Namaste global expedition is to step into a world of exploration, excitement and wonderful shared experiences, you may know where you’re heading, but you never quite know how you’ll get there or what joys you’ll discover along the way. Go well, Chris, as they say down here. Namaste…”

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